CL Testing

We will be closed Wednesday the 29th through the following Monday. We will still be receiving and accepting samples. If you want your samples to be tested before the end of the month make sure you get your samples here on or before Saturday the 25th. We will still be testing on Monday and Tuesday (May 27th and 28th.0

Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) is a bacterial disease of sheep and goats caused by Corynebacterium psuedotuberculosis. C. psuedotuberculosis can survive in the environment for several months and is highly infectious. Current treatments of diseased animals is limited. Monitoring of disease status is compounded by the fact that animals may be infected without showing obvious clinical symptoms. At Sage Laboratories we use a direct enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) that detects antibodies in serum from sheep and goats with CL. When serum from infected animals are screened with this ELISA, antibodies are quantified. Detection of diseased animals through serodiagnosis has proven effective in eradicating CL in infected herds.

Blood samples should be collect in red or tiger (grey and red) topped blood collection tubes. Check out our store if you need the proper collection supplies. Samples should be shipped as soon as possible after collection. Please ship with ice packs and quickly enough that samples arrive still chilled.

Submitting samples for CL testing is easy. Just mail or drop-off 2 mL of whole blood or 1 mL of serum to us along with your submission form and payment. The CL test is ran every Wednesday with results reporting Thursday. Please download the submission form if you are interested in fast, accurate CL's testing. The price is just $7.00 per sample

Goat Submission Form

Sheep Submission Form